Amber Blevens was a free spirit; bright, brilliant, loving.  At age 15, Amber started using over the counter Benadryl to ease the feeling of being "uncomfortable in her skin".  Soon, marijuana and alcohol became something she used with her friends.  Still underage, she was caught shoplifting 36 bottles of beer, attempting to escape a local store with them in her coat.  By age 16 she quit school and  fled to Florida with a friend.

a bridge to your recovery...


While in jail, she cried out for help.  There was a bed available but the bars prevented her from reaching it. There was no recovery in prison. When she was released, there were no beds. Out of desperation, Amber turned to one of the only options that she had. She went to a hospital. She told the emergency room staff that she wanted to die so that she would be admitted. Ironically, it was the Substance Use Disorder that was killing her.

Her journey was hard to track from here.  It was a life on the run, often times motivated by a dog rescue mission.  Amber loved life and all its creatures.  She had no fear in journeying as far as Louisiana on a mission, in a feeble car with no money.  ​She resorted to panhandling.  Sometime around age 18, Amber began to use opiates.  Pills on the street turned to IV drug use.  And then came jail sentences; 2 for possession of heroin followed by another 2 for prostitution. Although a loving home was offered to her, the last two years of her life were spent homeless on the streets of Manchester, NH and beyond., wherever the drug would take her.

Recovery Respite

​Amber Blevens     November 1, 1991-April 23, 2014

In April of 2014, Amber was found in an alley in Manchester, dead from a heroin overdose.  Amber was truly the girl who helped everyone else but could not help herself. At her funeral services, which were open to the homeless population, over 500 people came. One person after another whispered in her parent's ears, "She loved me when no one else would", "She detoxed me under a bridge on the coldest night".  Amber’s spirit soars and will save lives here at Ambers Place, a recovery respite…a warm, loving, safe place where you can begin embracing your gift of life.